Above the Fog

Fog. That’s all I could see this morning as I headed off to work. Dense and deep, like a haze of white and gray matter, my driving became slow and steady, my eyes on hyper-alert. I knew the way, but knowing the way isn’t always enough. Sight is necessary when navigating to a destination. So … Read more

God, not My good

I’d like to share a personal struggle I have with one word. My struggle with this very word causes me to write about it as it has, many times, forced thistle to grow in my heart. This one word is one of the most commonly voiced words in our language.  Good. I hear a lot … Read more

Finding the Lovely

In our last post entitled, Finding the Lovely, I shared with you about one of my loveliest blessings. Then, I asked you some questions. I asked you to identify your “lovely.” I asked you to think about how you respond when your “lovely” shifts from what you expect to something different. This week let’s chat … Read more

Hold Me Together, Jesus!

It’s so easy to become overwhelmed, isn’t it? Recently, I found myself completely freaking out because I had so many things going on that I literally didn’t know what to do next. From work related duties, to a myriad of projects to do at home, I couldn’t see the end or the beginning. I was … Read more

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