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Welcome to Anchored Souls. Our hope is that you will find rest and refreshment from the storms and struggles of life here with us.

We know that storms are strong. But we also know that Jesus makes us stronger. He is our anchor in the storm. He is our fortress when we are weak. Jesus, yes, Jesus is our life boat, our shelter and safety.

Hebrews 6:19-20a says,

We have this as a sure and steadfast anchor of the soul, a hope that enters into the inner place behind the curtain, where Jesus has gone as a forerunner on our behalf.

Jesus is our Steadfast Anchor. Just as an anchor keeps a ship from drifting, Jesus keeps us steady. We may be tossed about by the winds and waves, but if we are anchored in Him, He will not let us drift away from His presence. Oh the sea gets rough. Those waves sometimes crash around us and even on top of us. We may even sink below the waves at times. But Jesus, our Anchor, He does not want us to drift. He wants us to remain close to Him.

Here at Anchored Souls we want to be there for you too. We don’t have all the answers–Jesus does. We don’t have any life vests, but we will point you to the One who can save you. We don’t have a quick-fix for your storm–most of the time there are no quick fixes. But we’ll walk with you through your storm, and we will point you to the Anchor. We’ll help you get to know Him if you don’t and we’ll help you grow in the knowledge of Him if you do.

We have some exciting news coming in March of 2018. Stay tuned and a remember …  anchor your soul to Jesus, friend.

Bon voyage!



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